Thursday, March 7, 2013

Efforts to Save My Sanity

I am currently in the depths of hell.
(YES - depending on the day “thesis writing” and “hell” are interchangeable words)

Working full time and going to school full time… UGH!  If you are ever considering it can I kindly persuade you to save your sanity?! Because it is ROUGH.

In efforts to stay saner and take care of my mental and emotional wellbeing I have decided that interacting with people is important.  I am an extrovert! I need and thrive off of human interaction and connection!
Yet there are few problems surrounding most of my daily interactions:

-A lot of my interactions happens at work. The thing is there are a lot of crazies at my job. (No really! There’s a LOT of literally mentally unstable people that come into my work that I interact with on a daily basis)

-Whenever I get to actually see my classmates it is only in passing or we are working.
 ie: youth theatre show, observing directors, running around  having a meeting, planning, etc. Doesn't leave a lot of time for personal connection.

-I attend the Spanish Congregation for Church now-a-days, because I teach primary. I love it! But I feel the need to interact with people my own age!

-When I DO get to see people my own age it is usually at some kind of YSA Mormon Party.
Mormon party definition:  A gathering of Young Single Adult Mormons where people come together make small talk, try to impress the opposite sex, eat food, and hang out.
*side note:  I am over the thanklessness and freeloading that pervades in the culture of these Mormon Parties.

With that being said, I am once again in the depth of hell (aka: thesis writing) and that alone is a great excuse to lock myself in a room and not see anyone cause dang it, I have to get this writing done! At the same time I will reiterate that I am an extrovert! I need and thrive off of human interaction and connection!

What’s a girl to do!?
I decided to get tickets to see a dance concert!
The tickets were a great deal so I got 2 so I could bring a date!

I thought that this would be a great idea… It would NOT be a group hang out! I could go with someone my age.  Doing something that would be fun and different, and enjoyable.  Take a break from stress of work and writing. And have some good quality one-on-one interaction with someone that I enjoy spending time with. So I asked a friend of mine if he would like to join me. Let’s call him Steve…because that’s his name, so it makes sense to call him that.  

The night before the concert I found out that another one of my friends was also going to the same concert. I said, “Oh fun! Me too! Maybe I will see you there.”

The dance concert was held at the David H. Koch Theater which is located on the south side of the main plaza of Lincoln Center.  I was pretty excited because in over 2 years of being in the city I have not yet been to a performance at Lincoln Center. It was about time!

The Auditorium seats 2,586 with five Ring levels… here is a seating chart:

This theatre is HUGE! And SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

Steve and I walking into the lobby we saw a group of our fellow YSA Mormon friends. We said hi and went to find our seats.

As Steve and I settled into our seats our conversation was interrupted by the people who came to sit next to us. Low and behold it was the Mormons… I mean it was our friends that we had passed by in the lobby.
I thought that maybe they had just followed us into the theatre and to our seats assuming that we were part of their group outing and asked them, “Wait…are those your seats?”

Yep… yep… you better believe it.  In this auditorium of over TWO THOUSAND seats and FIVE different levels…they were sitting RIGHT NEXT TO US.

Steve asked me, “Hold on, you didn’t get your tickets with them?”
I replied, “Nope! I bought them at home… by myself, on my computer.”
Steve: “What?! Really?!”
Me:  “Yep, really.”
Steve: “What are the chances?!”
Me: “Well…that is just my luck.”
Steve: “Are you mad?”
Me:  *playing off my annoyance* “mehhhh…”
Steve: “I would be Mad!”

We had a good laugh at this.
Cause really…. REALLY!?!? How does that happen?! I still don’t know.