Monday, January 25, 2016


a strong desire to travel.

If I could pick a word to describe myself this would be the one!

That is me. That is my word.

A lot of people are confused by me, the way I live my life, my “constant up and go”. Following are a few questions that I get a lot:

1- How can you travel so much?
2- Wow you must have a lot of money!?
3- What about your job?
4- You did WHAT?!
5- When are you going to get a real job?

Here are a few answers:

1- I am single, I don’t have children and I also don’t have pets so and I am able to come and go as I wish.

2- No, actually I probably have less money than you do… but I prioritize my money differently. I don’t have a lot of things, and I don’t eat out, etc.
I work, I save, and then I find good deals on flights.

3- I quit.

4- Yes, you heard me correctly. But it is not really as big a deal as it may seem…
I work jobs that are very flexible and that have a lot of freedom in my schedule. I also work a lot of gigs and residencies that are sort term and then pick up more once they are finished. When I am ready to go somewhere for a month (or maybe 3) I just don’t accept the jobs that are offered to me for that time.

5- If by “real job” you mean when am I going to sit behind a desk for 8 hours a day starring at a computer screen.
Probably never! Because I would be extremely unhappy in that kind of position.

I know that there are more questions and I don’t know if these answers make much sense to you. They may seem a little vague or unrealistic or odd. Maybe the whole thing stresses you out. It is because we see things in different ways, and we value and want different things.  I have come to the conclusion that that is ok! Because different isn’t broken!

So I am off to Spain for a little while!


More questions I know… but here are some of my answers:

I have a number of reasons that I am going to Spain: To feed my wanderlust, to run away from winter (this is a BIG reason- I am so tired of NYC winters), to reset, to try new things, to improve my Spanish, to visit friends, to breathe!

I of course will be blogging my travels and sharing some photographs – because that’s what I do here!