Monday, February 29, 2016

Running in Spain

Hey Kristy Kadish its been a month!
Did you die in Spain!?

NOPE! I’m still here!
I have been meaning to blog so here we go...

I am going to do this a little differently than I have in the past. Instead of chronologically (I am way to behind to do that) I will do it by themes/topics/places visited, etc.

Today: Running! 

Spain is beautiful and sunny!

The locals think that it is cold when it gets to around 55 to 60 degrees! One day I was in a little shop talking to the women who worked there and one says “oh my goodness! You are wearing sandals! You must be freezing!” I constantly have to explain to people that this weather is gorgeous!

Some days I get a little chilly- but I have light jackets that work perfect and I remind myself how cold and snowy it is in NYC and I am very happy with a chilly 60 degrees!

One of my goals for 2016 is to run a ½ marathon. I am not sure which one – but I want to sign up for an official race! I am open to suggestions! I would love to run one in NY! But I was too late to sign up for the Brooklyn 12 =( so I need to find another race to run!

So I have been running quite a bit! It’s been really good!
Let me share with you some of the photos that I have taken:

 I run along this river almost every day 

 This is my favorite tree 

 The other day during my run I saw this in the distance: 

my friend Jose had taken me here before, but I saw it and decided that it wasn't too far away. So I decided to run there. 

I passed by this church along my way. There were LOADS of people standing out front and across the street. There was a funeral happening. There were a LOT of motorcycles that were riding right up to the door of the church. I think that they were creating an isle of motorcycles for the casket to be walked down. I can tell that this was a very well loved person that was part of this riding community. 

I also passed by this on my way up to the Christ Statue on the Mountain. I loved seeing all of the orange peelings hanging out to dry: 

 Made it! 

I ran 10 miles that day! That is my longest run 
I was really tired that night! haha

The other day I went out for a run and there were two older women walking. They were wearing matching red jogger sweat suits. So cute! I can only imagine that conversation “Hey Claudia, we are wearing red tomorrow for our walk!”

As I ran by them the women looked at me and smiled. Then one of the women gave me 2 thumbs up! That gave me a boost of energy in my run!

If I were to speak with these women we may not have been able to understand each other through spoken words. But I will say that I love that smiles, encouragement, and validation have no language barriers! We can show love and support to everyone and words are not even needed! I love that!