Tuesday, December 1, 2009

In Conclusion...

YAY!! 6 months later and I am finally done with catching up on my “London blog” It was quite the process….but now I am excited to make it into a book! YAY!!!
A few last thoughts, etc…
I miss:
-Traveling! For way cheep too!
-Red telephone booths
-Amazing Theatre
-West End
-Fridge Theatre
-The Tube
-Minding the Gap
-Little sandwich shops on every corner
-Daily Adventures
-Street Performers
-Hyde Park!!!
-Walking around the streets of London getting lost
-London Walks
-my London friends!
-The Stratford Ward
(this is just a small list…as I sit and reminisce I could go on for hours!)

July 5th - After getting a long and much needed nights rest (remember I went to bed WAY early and didn’t even see any fireworks) I went to church Sunday and then made my way up to Logan for efy. I worked 5 straight weeks. I really think that it was actually a really good idea for me to stay up all night with the Ishmael family! That way I adjusted back to the time difference quite nicely, and quickly! Efy was a blast! LOVED it as always! I had 9 AMAZING weeks in Europe and then 5 awesome weeks at efy! This may have been the best summer ever! (My dad says it gets better when you are married…we’ll have to see about that =) LOL

I am SO grateful for all of the INCREDIBLE experiences I had over this summer! I am thankful for the ever watchful and loving care of my Father in Heaven, who not only hears my prayers, but listens to the desires of my heart and constantly and tirelessly helps me and strengthens me and gives me the guidance and assistance that I need in the very moment I need it! I am grateful for the people that he has placed in my life! And for how much he has taught me through it all! It is ALL because of Him that I was even able to go to Europe this summer and 2009 will be a year that I will be ever grateful for and will never forget!!! I hope that I get to go back again soon!!!