Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit!!!

Happy May! ;)


Hello from London! I am here! I am actually here! wow! pretty crazy! I am not sure it has really hit me I going to wake up soon?
Speaking of waking up... I woke up early this morning and went running in Hyde Park today- We live right across the street from Hyde Park. Hyde Park is big and beautiful…and I totally got lost! Yep I was thinking of running one way and working my same way back but decided to keep on going and circle around. Ended up at the opposite end of the park then where my flat is…an hour later I eventually found my way back. Good thing I gave myself plenty of time. It was perfect weather outside and I am so impressed about how I can be in the middle of busy London and find such peace and serenity and beauty. I plan on making this a daily habit- running in the park I mean, not getting lost. =)
When I came out on Tuesday they changed my flight and I ended up going through Denver, and hoped right onto my connecting flight to London. The plane was huge, 9 seats across with 2 isles. The plane food was pretty good too!
I arrived in London about an hour and ½ earlier than originally planned so I couldn’t find the girl that I was planning on meeting up with. I ended up going on the train alone and then getting a taxi to take me to my flat.
I am sharing a room with Sarah – she actually also served in the NY Rochester mission, I never served with her cause she went home the transfer that I went out- but she is great and I am excited that she is here.
We went on a little walk with the whole group to get an idea of the surrounding area and see how to get to the institute building which is where we will be having classes on Monday’s and Wednesday’s. The architecture is awesome! so many old buildings and cool statues!

Then we broke off and all went on our ways to do…whatever we wanted to actually. We had a group of 4 of us, stopped by a little store and grabbed a sandwich then went on the tube to go exploring. We went to Lanchishier Square, walked around a lot found some theatres and shops, and 3 of us, Sarah, Mckell and I ended up going to see the Phantom of the Opera! Yep – my first night in London and we went to see Phantom- it was Awesome! I have seen the movie but never saw it live before last night – I liked it live! (When well done of course) Shows, musicals, etc are always better seen live at the theatre.
(This picture is Mckell and I on the underground tube eating our sandwiches)

We went to the store after the show last night. One of my favorite things that Brittan’s say is “Cheers” I love this word! My friend Gary (who is from London) would say it to me back in Provo if I would do something for him for example he would say, “cheers love”.
Last night at the store the young man who was helping us check out said cheers to me too.
I LOVE IT! this is a word that I will become part of my vocabulary!

Monday, April 27, 2009

feel excited...well excited and scared

I am a little unsure of my feeling as of right now…hummmm…..
Its kind of a mix…a mix of: nervousness, hunger, heartburn, anxiousness…and who knows what else.
Change is hard, and exciting for me at the same time.
I am not a very organized person. (HA! Can you tell by how jumbled these thoughts are)
I have a lot to do! A lot to pack! A lot to…organize. (blah) Yet I am sitting at my computer writing a blog post instead of doing those things. Perhaps hoping that maybe it will take this mix of feelings and make it feel…better?
….so… I started writing these thoughts a couple of days ago. I fixed the hunger by eating, got some heartburn medicine and the anxiousness/nervousness is still a little there…but partially replaced by a little sadness- my roommates have mostly moved out. Its actually pretty funny one room is completely empty- then there is Sue’s and My room…um yeah- it looks like no one is going anywhere anytime soon. But that will be changing soon! I leave on Tuesday – so Monday I get to finish moving and packing to go to London. Man! I need to go and buy a power converter (among many other things that I need to do haha)
Anyway- let’s see what else should I update on…
I was over at a friend’s house saying good bye because he was moving – and his roommate asked me a question. He said, “Kristy how is it that a nice girl like you is alone…single I mean”
Really wasn’t sure how to answer that question… I told him that I think I maybe scare guys away, but my friend disagreed with that. So- still not really sure how to answer that question even now- but I appreciated the compliment.
Tomorrow will be busy and crazy! I really shouldn’t still be awake right now. time for bed and my next update will be from London!
(ps- the subject line was from into the woods...anyone catch that?!)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

here we go...

Well I decided that it is officially time for me to have a blog. The big reason is I am leaving for my study abroad in London in 23 days! wow! I am REALLY excited! I have always wanted to go to London! Somehow through many little miracles and answered prayers it is happening this Spring! =)
I figured that this would be a good way to keep family and friends updated with things that are going on in my life while I am in the UK! I will keep updates of my London adventures, and trips and post pictures and etc. (anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE photography! I am excited to see what kind of pictures I will get on my trip!)
I am excited for this experience in my life which is coming up FAST!!!
Now I just have to get through the last week of school and final projects... eek! =)