Saturday, May 29, 2010

I Laid it down

So I was really disappointed with the service that I had been provided by the Praxis people who run the monopoly on the testing that teachers need to pass in order to get their license. They were supposed to send my scores to BYU and they never got them. So I was put in a rough spot. Imagine my surprise when I found out that my graduation was “pending”. (this is about a month after I have graduated and completed everything and walked) Yeah- PENDING! … that doesn’t sound good at all. I got them an electronic copy of my scores that I received in the mail – but I was not happy with the Praxis Company that was supposed to send my scores to BYU- I DID after all pay them to do so!
So I called the Praxis people today and laid it down…there were some friends of mine in the room and they kept giving scared looks. I talked to sassy-pants supervisor for a while. My friend Jordan said, “oh man! I am SO GLAD that I am not on the other end of that phone call!”
Well the point is- I got my 40 dollars back! SO HA! There there praxis! Take THAT!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Blog Worthy

      Yes its true! Today WAS blog worthy! (so says Alex…and I would really have to agree.)

    So we (Alex, Brandon and I) were supposed to go to Logan today. Imagine my sadness when I found out that our plans had been foiled by the testing center and by boys...and their planning abilities...or lack there of.  So we didn’t end up going to Logan…sad face…

    Instead Alex and I started to prepare ourselves for efy… 

This is us…on the couch with our counselor handbooks, pens and highlighters marking, and discussing all about efy. Brandon took this picture because he was baffled! He kept saying, “man! You look so official!”  you see…Brandon has never seen us study before. Alex and I are usually distracting Brandon from studying. Cause common – we are SO much more fun than studying!!!
Anyway – we were waiting for a party-ish thingy to start so we used the time productively…

We eventually made our way over to the party- snagging Scotty to come along with us shortly after he had just returned home.

The party was pretty fun, we made smores (with chocolate chip cookies instead of chocolate and graham crackers- yum) and there was some amazing salsa there too! (Alex made himself at home on my lap as he ate the chips and salsa) Brandon decided to dump popcorn all over the floor and break the couch. Sheesh! Those California boys- they think that they have to trash every party house they go you…cant take him anywhere!
At the party they decided to put in a movie in…well we had already decided that we were going back to the boys to watch a movie on the wall…well we have a projector and an awesome sound system that someone was so kind to let us borrow! So we needed to get outta there…fast….BUT they barricaded the door! We had to think FAST! Scott created a diversion in the kitchen and Alex and Brandon took out there fortifications and we fled. …it was me…then scott made it out…and then the door closed behind US! BAH! We thought that the rest were lost and we would have to continue on the mission without them. Nevertheless they made it out!

We continued on our quest driving in circles around provo and then landing back at our destination.
There was yet another obstacle in our diplomacy…the castle was currently under occupation by others
         – we set another plan of attack…
 We got the equipment all hooked up… for the movie…
Now Brandon and Alex have been trying to convince Scott to dance- (He is fancy pants dancer and is on BYU's very own Folk Dance Team!!!) So... Alex, instead of plugging in the sound to the laptop plugged in his fancy pants iPhone and started to play music. 

Problem #1- Alex is a hick and had no music that Scott would dance to… lol

Problem #2- Scott didn’t want to dance by himself

Solution #1- YOUTUBE!!!!!

Once the DANCE music started One of the ‘players’ of the opposing team started to join us – but the other teammate saw into our plan of attack, gathered their possessions and retreated.
The fort was once again secured…
Celebratory dancing ensued….
(Oh…and …. Soultion #2- Kristy LOVES to dance!!!! SHOOT!!!!!)

So I jumped right in With Scott and Alex followed!

I LOVE how in this one Alex runs out and then mirrors Scott! HA!

This one is Jai Ho - Zumba Style! I was teaching the boys...but couldn't remember parts ha! it was Still amazing!

So we had a ROCKING AWESOME dance party! All 5 of us…except for only 3 would dance. (no names will be named here in this portion of the blog- strictly for privacy considerations)
So 3 danced away! HA! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! Oh! and luckily Brandon took these incredible videos so we have this EPIC dance party documented and now posted for all to see!!!
(I believe that another person would have joined us in the dancing madness but was too concerned about impressing someone so he wouldn’t join the festivities…too bad!)

Well...We eventually DID watch the movie after the dance party.  But it was decided that today was without question “blog worthy”!

And PLEASE love and appreciate Alex's dancing skills with me! I love that there were times he just looked at me and said, "huh!? how do you do that?!" hahaha! oh man! he is such a white dancer boy!...but a sexy one at that! LOL SO MUCH FUN!!! and Scotty...well watch the videos yourself...obviously he is AMAZING!

Disclaimer…there are a lot of inside jokes in this post…. if you don’t get it...maybe you should hang out with us more often!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blogs are such a crazy thing….

Hello world!

Are you out there?


who IS “you”

…no really….


Here I will try in proper English this time…

Who ARE You?!...

For real!

Who is reading this?

IS anyone reading this!?

Am I posting this for no reason at all?

Or am I just posting for myself?

But …

if I am just posting for myself (kind of like a journal) I could get pretty personal

In that case...

I guess I would like to know if someone is reading into my personal life…


Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I don’t have anything imparticular that I need or want to say….but there are things I want to share!….here we go I guess….

I really want to write another song on my ukulele!...but I have yet to find the time and right inspiration.

I went shopping with Alex the other day….
This is why we needed to go shopping…

K, ignore the fact that it is a picture of his butt (that I am pretty sure he doesn’t know that I got! Hahaha) just see that this boy REALLY needs new jeans! I mean he has had this pair for 4 years! Seriously boy?! Its time!...
This is how alex feels about shopping….
 So we found some good jeans for him…not including these SUPER SKINNY bright blue ones that he (sadly) refused to try on…
 I thought that it would be hilarious…but oh well….
OH! And we found some REALLY fun/funny shirts…

Alex LOVED this one! see his face! (thats the best part!)

For Alex our Airforce friend….

For our own little GI Brandon…

For our Goonie Brandon…

And for our little traveling Miriam! (cause she was in Ireland on the day that we took this pic)

And this....

Well the funny thing is we had just seen a dad walking around with his baby strapped to him like this as he shopped...but his baby didn't have the beanie and sunglasses....Alex's would!

Lets see…
This week I am playing “Nanny”  My cousin’s little girl has been having health problems for years. And Today he donated one of his kidneys to her.  So I am taking care of their other 2 kids.
Voilet - age 4

Tegan –age 2

Oh my goodness! They are so CUTE!!! I love them!
We are having a good ol time together! We went to the park the other day and had fun!

And some friends came too!

YAY!! 4 roomies together! This is EPIC! I mean this was a rare occurrence when we all lived together! HA! So it was a fun time at the park!

As have been taking care of these little ones – getting snacks, changing diapers, pulling out the old VHS Disney and children’s movies, brushing teeth, reading stories, saying prayers, putting to bed (8:30 bed time! Can you believe it! WOW!) It is so interesting to think that for some girls my age – some of my friends even….this is their reality! This is their life every day- with their OWN children! WOW! Crazy! Its interesting to me, cause I can do it- I actually think that I make a fine mother (well at least proxy mother for now)… it is so far away from my own reality.  Huh…don’t really know where I am going with this…or what I am trying to say…so I guess I am still processing and will leave it at that.
oh and these little ones LOVE the doggies! Especially Teagan!

Other things…..
Friday night was Lone Peak’s Drama Banquet so here are some pictures from that…
With the Techies...

And this is an Amazing cake that Keaton's mom made. she owns a bakery...and she is awesome!

The other night I went up to Primary Children’s hospital to visit my cousin and his little girl Paige – who just had the surgery.  We went to Paige’s room first.  We visited with Paige for a while she showed me her tummy which was all bandaged up and said that’s where the cut was and that she has a new kidney in there and that her new kidney is happy to be in her tummy.  (Yes! We all really hope so!) Ended up that everyone was over visiting Aaron (Paige’s dad) but Paige said, “well I need someone to stay here with me!” so my mom went over to visit with him and her mom and I stayed and visited with cute Paige and colored some pictures for her.
On the way home my mom dropped me off at my roommate Katie’s house in SLC.  Katie, Beth, Sue and I stayed at Katies house last night. It was nice just to be together and visit.  We woke up this morning to THIS…
BAH!!! CRAZY SNOW!!! Hello weather- um….excuse me! I think that you are confused!? It is the END OF MAY!!! Not Christmas! STOP SNOWING! STOP BEING COLD! COMMON!!!!
Seriously it just kept coming down! and of course all I brought up to to SLC with me was my sandles...heaven forbit I dress for summer.
 Beth and I in the car - to get out of the snow

We brushed the snow off of our cars and then drove up to Brigham City. 
My dear friend and roommate Megan Neeley recently lost her dad Bruce to cancer.  He has been sick for a while – but they couldn’t find out what was wrong with him.  And his passing was pretty unexpected. The funeral was Saturday in Ohio, but today they had the Graveside Service in Brigham City where Bruce was buried.
There was this beautiful statue at the funeral home. I love it!

I am grateful for my knowledge of the Plan of Salvation aka: Plan of Happiness!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

...did I forget to tell you.....


 This is my graduation announcement...

 If you didn't get one (well its cause I haven't sent them yet. haha...BUT I now have them all addresses...thank goodness! that was quite the task to complete...So if you don't get one in the mail in the next few days its cause I dont have your address and you should give it to me so I can send you one =)

My roommates and I all graduated together! look at how cute we are!

I love us! 
     Kind of hard to believe how fast time is going by! Especially this past year!

I would like to describe to you a little bit about my graduation…but I don’t think I could do it the justice that my roommate did…you see one of the greatest things about this past year is I convinced one of my best friends from my major to be my roommate! SO… we get to SHARE EVERYTHING!
A few things Kristy and Miriam share include:
-Theatre Education Major
-Lesson Plans and teaching ideas
…This list could really go on for a long time…so I would like to add one more thing to the list of our sharing…and that is:
Blog Posts!
And I Quote from Miriam’s Blog:
“Deep in the confines of the HFAC, there is a long tunnel that fills the length of the north side of the building, it was there in that tunnel that I lined up and prepared to receive my diploma…and what could have been a rather standard graduation ceremony became a party on the back row with some of the funniest people I know.
You see, the problem with being a theatre major is that we all see a stage and think, “Perform! I must do something memorable and new! Kick kick turn. Smile. JAZZ HAAAAANNDS!” 
This need to perform of course leads us to do inappropriate things at inappropriate times. During the graduation ceremony I sat in the back row with my roommate and friends…we took pictures, cheered and all out had an enjoyable time.
I have to say my favorite moment of the ceremony was when Matthew Green was giving his awesome graduation speech and he said, “So, we’ve graduated with our degrees in the arts and we have all asked ourselves one very important question….” To which my roommate said, “What the hell do I do now?!!!” I burst out laughing– only because I was thinking the exact same thing.
End Quote.
So if you are wondering if I was the roommate that leaned over to Miriam and asked that question…its true HA! We really ALL were thinking it! Now the actual question that Matthew Green asked was, “I just got a degree in the arts…have I made a mistake” which in translation means, “What the hell do I do now?!”
I really liked his response though. He talked about how valuable our degrees really are. I really liked and appreciated what he had to say!

 So there you have it...we all know what that makes us?!.....

 BYU Grads! thats what! I need to figure out the answer to that question that came up during graduation ceremonies!

Friday, May 21, 2010


So I have these friends….

The few…the proud…the crazy….

They are runners.

And when I say that they are runners I mean that’s what they live for that’s what they love in life! Probably more than anything else.
What is it about running? Why do these people love it so much!? –well I think that many of us hacve heard of a “Runner High” I decided to look it up and found this ‘definition’ somewhere on the world wide web:

“runner's high is a state of euphoria caused by the environmental stimuli around the runner and the biological aspects of stress associated with running.”
Haha…say what?!
So….being overly excited about stress that you are causing yourself?! Haha…that’s what I got out of that definition

Okay for real though…this is a quote that I have heard before and I find interesting….
“When a person is asked about runner's high they typically will say that it a pleasant state that a runner might experience after a certain distance.”
So…I don’t think that I have ever reached that “certain distance” in my many years of running experiences.

…okay maybe I have…once?! (yes that is a question)…but really honestly…going running…and just running- I don’t think that I have reached a state of “euphoria”.
First off let me say this- I LOVE sports. And I even LOVE sports that involve a LOT of running! I played soccer for years- and I played lacrosse as well- lots and lots of running. And I was on BYU’s racquetball team. Now racquetball the game itself doesn’t have as much running in it…but conditioning practice. YUCK! We ran so much there were days I wanted to throw up! Literally! I felt sick!

I also LOVE working out- I go to the gym every day, Step Aerobics, Strength training, Yoga, Zumba, etc. GREAT classes that I love! And my body is really getting whipped into shape!...and by whipped into shape I mean it HURTS!....EVERY DAY!
So- these friends of mine- they average between 8-12 miles a day…running…straight running…I am just not one to go out and run for an hour. 20-30 minutes seems good enough for me. And if I have the option of going to an aerobics class or playing a sport to burn the same amount of calories but in a more entertaining form- done and done! No questions asked! I am dancing it up at the gym instead of running.

These friends (whom I must say that I love dearly) also mock other people who are…let say different from them. (and by different I mean they don’t run 10 miles plus a day) This includes me!

They talk about people who are part of the “2-3 mile club” but in a degrading sort of way. And then tell me that I “just don’t get it” and I “cant understand” when they talk to me about how good it felt that they just ran 15 miles that day.
Well…I guess its true…maybe I don’t get it cause if I ran 15 miles any time soon I wouldn’t feel good at all! HA!

But the interesting thing is it intrigues me. I wonder sometimes what it would be like. And I think that maybe I will start running…(but other forms of working out are so much more fun to me!)

Another interesting thing about these friends is that they REALLY want me to go running with them!

Hummmm….I am remembering… back in the day – I had friends that were really good at video games, and they played them a LOT and they were really good. And they always wanted me to play video games with them.
Now – they didn’t want me to play video games with them cause it was a challenge, or someone fun to play with…but it was because I was (still am) AWFUL at video games! My ‘friends’ liked to invite me to play video games so that they could MOCK and LAUGH at me! Because it was funny for them to watch me try my darndest at something that I quite frankly suck at! Haha

Well the thing is I couldn’t care less about video games…so whatev...make fun - it wont affect me...yet here is the other thing...I wonder if this is in any way a “foreshadowing” of what my future experience would be if I were to go running with my friends?

Hummmm….reasons that point to yes-
1-they make fun of the 2-3 mile club….which I am in!
2-I watched them watch a runner the other day and they sat and critiqued his form, his stride, his style of running….oh boy!
3-they are boys…that’s what they do


Reasons I wouldn’t / havn’t /shouldn’t go running with my friends:
1- they came running out of the womb….I had to learn to crawl first
2- they have MUCH longer legs than I do
3- they have been running (and have loved running) for years – I on the other hand have recently…how do I put this…gained a better appreciation for running. I used to HATE it! I mean H-A-T-E it! say that I “enjoy” it now may still be a lie…depends on the day.
4- I know that they are faster than I am!...
Really I am more of a jogger I think than a runner…that will be my next search- the difference between Runners and Joggers…

I am sure that the definition would show the following:

Runners = (Kristy’s friends names follow ___________ )

Joggers = Kristy Kadish

But that’s okay right? Steady and slow wins the race!...right?

But where is the point that you reach the difference? Because I can say that I am going out for a “run” and my friends would probably scoff at me saying – common stop doing your warm up jog and lets actually run!...but really that IS my run!

Do you think its a time thing? Like if you got through a mile between such and such a time then you were running…if it was slower then you only qualify as a jogger? I wonder how fast (or slow) my mile is now? It has been a REALLY long time sense I have been timed!

Despite all of this…for reason – unknown to me I still have a desire to go running with my friends
Possible reasons why I would want to go running with my friends:
a)I have a desire to get my trashed kicked (in a few different ways- physically and emotionally)?
b)I want to go running alone – I mean I will start out with them I am sure…but I have the feeling that I would be left behind in the dust!
c)I love challenges!...I am a very competitive person…so it’s hard to turn something like this down…no no I am not stupid – I won’t by any means be racing them!
d)I enjoy spending time with them and I like sharing with people what I love and what they love…and if they love to do something then I would like to appreciate that with them.
e)I have, after spending much time with these friends, in running conversations (these are conversation about running, not during running haha) a new found desire to be able to #1- just be able to do it (it= run that long and far) #2- be able to better understand my friends and what they love, and why they love it.
f)All of the above?
Etc etc etc
ps- I hate multiple guess tests!

I came to the conclusion that for now maybe my best solution is to have my friends go and run for 45 minutes and then I can pick up the last 20-30 minutes with them.
I also wonder if they will go running with me once and then never invite me again – because they will finally realize…(you fill in the blank)

So I guess the point of this post is… well a few things:
#1- I am a POUD MEMBER of the 2-3 mile club!
#2- I believe that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the 2-3 mile club!
#3- I think that even though I don’t run (as much) as certain people I can still understand where they are coming from when they talk about a ‘runners high’ or how good they feel when they talk about just having run 10-15 miles. Cause I love working out too! I do it every day! I have more energy and feel better about myself when I do go to the gym. So don’t tell me that I don’t/cant understand cause I do I can AND I will! Cause I take a challenge when it is given me…and if someone tells me that I cant do something- I make it a goal to prove them wrong. =)
#4- there is plenty more I could say on this I am sure…but lets face it…this post is forever long…I am sure no one has read this far…and I am done for now and should go to bed so I can make it to my work out classes tomorrow that I want to go to – and if I am the only one who has read this far why write more! Lol

Oh…jk- one last thing… if you are a runner you will love this! (actually if you are a runner I am sure you already know about this) but I recently discovered
it is this amazing website that you can use to track distance! It’s a resource for runners, joggers, walkers, hikers, bicyclist, or anyone that is interested in finding out the distance of a route, trail, or other place. I think its way cool! Check it out!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Progress Is Inevitable!!!

I went to a ZUMBA class today. It was AWESOME!

You may ask:
Well here is a definition I found on the internet-

ZUMBA combines high energy and motivating music with unique moves and combinations that allow the Zumba participants to dance away their worries. It is based on the principle that a workout should be "FUN AND EASY TO DO" allowing Zumba participants to stick to the Zumba Fitness program and achieve long-term health benefits. Zumba is a “feel-happy” workout that is great for both the body and the mind.
It was Really a fun time dancing around and getting a Major workout! Zumba is more of dance routines to fun upbeat music that has different Latin influences. So there were lots of different kinds of dances incouperated like: rumba, salsa, you know the stuff that you jump up and down to and shake your hips and shimmy. Good times!

After that I went to Yoga class.

Today my yoga teacher said progress is inevitable – keep practicing.
I love that- because it not only applies to yoga but to life!

As long as I keep practicing and keep going and keep pushing and just
“keep on Keepin’ on”

Progress is Inevitable!!!

I can make it!
I can do It!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I needed that...physically and mentally

I went to the gym this morning for sculpting class. It kicks my butt! but I need it and I love it...funny thing that one can love being in pain...but I guess its cause its the "feel good- I worked out pain"

So I decided to stay for the yoga class today. and...

I LOVED it! I am going to go more often!

it IS a workout! I have done yoga before - but not at this level! wow! really intense at a very calm, focused and strengthening level.

the yoga instructor finished off the class with this quote:

"In order to be creative we must first loose the fear of being wrong"

LOVE IT!!! I really needed to hear that too! just a really nice little reminder that its okay to loose the fear and go for things that I want to do and accomplish. It was a much needed time for good meditation and focus!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Mom...



and a great example to me of so many things! and I am SO very grateful and lucky to call her my mom!!!

Happy Mothers Day Mom!


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Birth Mothers Day!

This morning I went to Provo high school where FSA (Families Supporting Adoption) was holding an event. There were LOTS of really cute families there, adoptive parents and birth parents. They had the fire department there with a fire truck and ambulance and let the kids climb in and play around them which was fun. AND Cosmo was there too!!! I LOVE Cosmo!!
My favorite were the little African American children! So darn cute!!!
Here are some pictures:

Emily and Mikah with Cosmo!

Just a few Amazing birth moms I know:

Love all of you and all you do and all those that support adoption!

Friday, May 7, 2010


In no particular order…
1- I LOVE the Theatre!
2- I miss London! Where there is ALWAYS good theatre to go and see!
3- I graduated from BYU with a BA in Theatre Education
4- I REALLY BADLY want to go to Grad School and get my masters in Directing (or possibly applied theatre) and I REALLY BADLY want to do it in London!
5- I want to teach at a university level and own my own production company.
6- I am going on an artistic intensive with a theatre company from New York in July called Theater Mitu – we will be going to India and Thailand and I am SO EXCITED! This will be a great experience for me to develop myself culturally and learn and grow more in the artistic ways of the theatre
7- I love working out! The gym is my friend!
8- I like to wear flowers in my hair
9- I LOVE people – love to talk to them, love to watch them, love to be around them! Don’t so much like being alone!
10- I LOVE LOVE LOVE to travel!!! I need to find a job that will let me travel the world and do amazing things!
11- Someday I WILL FLY!!! I will just keep on thinking lovely thoughts till I do! (this is metaphorical – read my last blog post…and literal! I WILL get hooked up in a harness and be lifted into the air someday!)
12- I call EVERYONE honey (so don’t flatter yourself, don’t think I am hitting on you, and don’t be weirded out)
13- I LOVE taking pictures! And I ALWAYS have my camera with me
14- I Love the gospel! And the temple! and my Heavenly Father and Savior! And I am grateful for all of the blessing that they have brought into my life!
15- I think that I am really clever! And funny! Seriously! I crack myself up!
16- I am a loud person…always have been always will be. Just last week I was having a one on one conversation with someone and realized that I didn’t have to be talking to loud…so I toned it down a little. But my whole life I have been told I am loud…this is not new news to me- and you telling me that I am loud is most likely not going to change anything.
17- I am not quite sure what I am doing with my life in 3 months! I am ready to go on adventures and move other places and experience new things.
18- I hate money!...but I need it! I also hate Satan – he tries to ruin my life in so many ways! JERK
19- I hate crying….I do it far too often.
20- I give people my full trust! And sometimes I get hurt because of it…but I still give it anyway
21- I really want to meet someone who will treat me really well and is my best friend and we can fall in love and have a family…but I am not going to sit around twiddling my thumbs waiting for it to happen…so I will live my life for me for now, and make things happen that I want to do, and things will happen when they are supposed to happen
22- I LOVE being Busy and having a full schedule!
23- I have never colored my hair- it is its natural color.
24- I play the ukulele and I love that little happy instrument! I hear songs that I like on the radio and I look up the chords and figure out how to play them… Sometimes I write my own songs
25- How old I am today

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Think Lovely Thoughts!

I was speaking with a friend of mine a while ago about a movie that we had seen and he asked me why I like it. He didn’t really enjoy it because it was a sad story. I have been thinking about this. Many of the movies and Theatre that I enjoy the most are more on the sad side. Now I am (I like to think) a pretty happy and optimistic person. I like to be happy and spread it to others around me. Why then do I like to watch things that are more on the heartrending and distressing side? As I have thought about this I have come to the conclusion that I like to analyze shows. And I love discussing them with other theatre practitioners. And I think that what we could call those ‘sad’ performances lend themselves to being deeper and more poignant.
While shows that are more fluffy and merely for entertainments sake to have an ‘escape’ from the real world are nice sometimes I would rather go and see something that makes me think and makes me lean in and engage in the action of the film or performance.
With that being said I was student teaching at Lone Peak high school last semester. And I got to help direct the musical Peter Pan. Now this is a show that is more on the entertainment/fluffy side of the spectrum. It was fun. I love directing really no matter what it is. The show came together really well! My students did a great job.
As I was watching the performance one night something struck me that I hadn’t thought of before. (Now I am assuming that you know the basic story line of Peter Pan- if not I need to have words with your parents because that’s sad.) We were at the part of the show where Peter is teaching Wendy, John and Michael how to fly. And Peter says, “All you have to do is think lovely wonderful thoughts and up you go!” and Peter takes off into the air!
The children repeat to themselves, “Think Lovely Thoughts!...think Lovely Thoughts!” they think… then start shouting out the lovely thoughts that come into their mind. Each of them is able to fly! At this point the Spirit spoke to me; “There you go Kristy! There it is! If you want to fly all you have to do is Think Lovely Thoughts!” MAN! Such a wonderful and powerful message in this simple children’s story!
If we want to “fly” in life that is all we need to do:
#1 think lovely thoughts!
#2 say them out loud!
…that’s it! And you can fly!
I believe in the power of words! If you SAY you can do something then you CAN! Goes along with the old adage of, “whether you say you can or can’t- you are right!”
Words are powerful! And when we think lovely thoughts and then say them out loud – we can then put our actions into place and we CAN fly – and we can do things and reach places that we and others never even knew were possible – Even to the 2nd star on the right Never Never Land! Because of Lovely Thoughts we can reach and do those things that are ‘never’ supposed to be. I love that!
There is another Interesting point that as I thought back and analyze more about the show and thinking lovely thoughts I realized: the children don’t take off to fly on their FIRST lovely thought…
John: Fishing
Wendy: Hopscotch
Michael: Candy
John: Picnics
Wendy: Summer
Michael: Candy!
John: Sailing
Wendy: Flowers
Michael: CANDY!
Then Peter comes in with very wise counsel and encouragement for the youngest boy…
“Lovelier Thoughts Michael!”
There is possibly a moment of frustration here for the young boy…what could possibly be lovelier than candy! But instead of being discouraged he thinks harder on his lovely thoughts. Then Michael realizes that there IS something more! Something Lovelier!
…and THAT is the thought that makes him fly.
We won’t always fly on our first lovely thought. It may take many different lovely thoughts. That is what I am learning right now. I have had many lovely thoughts in the past, and also now as I have graduated from college, that I would like to do. More than anything I want to fly! But I have to find the right lovely thought that will allow me to do so.
The goal is to not get discouraged and to keep on thinking lovely thoughts till we achieve the right one that will help us fly.
When I first meet people who say they recently returned home from their mission the advice I tell them is, “Its okay- it gets better I promise” A lot of newly returned missionaries feel lost and in the dark and like their purpose has been taken from them. They no longer have a busy schedule filled with daily teaching appointments and lessons. They don’t have people to watch over and take care of. And they aren’t quite sure of where they are going and what to do next…even if there are rough plans set out for them.
I am experiencing a version of this as a college graduate- my busy schedule is gone, I don’t have homework, assignments and projects to do and I no longer have students to care after. And I have no idea what my future holds.
I now look to my own advice that I have given to many others– “don’t worry, it gets better.”
I am also trying to follow the advice of Peter Pan as I am looking to my future and “Think Lovely Thoughts!”
That is the wisdom that I found in the show that I directed. This goes right along with a quote that I recently discovered by Anatole France.
“To accomplish great things we must not only act but also dream, not only plan but also believe.” So never let anyone (this includes yourself and the devil) tell you that you can’t do something! Keep on dreaming, keep in believing and always THINK LOVELY THOUGHTS!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hello again

So I think that I will start blogging again.

The purpose of me starting a blog last summer was to document my many adventures while I was in Europe.

Well....I am not in Europe...I would like to be! I am actually far from Europe - I am in Orem Utah. Ah- home...I...well where to start...what to say...I don't have a whole lot of time right I will update soon!