Monday, February 6, 2012

Some days… you gotta play hookie


Beth and I woke up, we went to work. We were maybe there a little later than usual... but thats ok. There we were...

Today was a different kind of day - cause there was a ...lets call it "special event" happening in NYC.

There was a little game this past weekend. Some of you may have heard of it. People get together and have soup  bowl parties and then post comments on their Facebook status about how much they like or dislike football.

I went to the ward soup (break the fast) party after church and then I was engaged with school work on this particular night. WIth having had my fill of soup for the day I didn't participate in other parties and I didn't update my Facebook status about my feeling towards football.

So if you are really wondering about my feelings toward football I will tell you 3 things that will pretty much sum it all up:
1- I like playing sports more than I like watching
2- football in the stadium = fun! football on tv = not as much a LONG shot!
3- I LOVE my cougars...and I don't really care about any other football team

blah blah blah.....So I decided to stay home and not go to a super bowl party.

Lets get back to Tuesday!

This "special event" that was happening is a little city get together that happened at 11:00 am. It consists of a few people gathering to celebrate a recent victory of said party. It is kind of like those sleepy little towns that the big news is the track team placed 3rd in the region competition and everyone gathers to celebrate.

Except for in my little city... is not so little... there were CROWDS of people and we could see NOTHING from where we were standing!

I enjoy crowds.
I enjoy people watching.
And crowds make for good people watching.

As Beth and I stood in the middle of this crowd, 2 boys and a girl shoved their way in front of us and then discovered, they weren't going to be able to go any further. So they busted out their beers and there we all stood.  I was looking around watching people clim onto what they could to see if they could get a glimpse of a GIANT as they went along the parade route. (again...we were too far back to really see anything)

I don't know what tipped me off at first but I looked down and there was a stream of liquid running right past my feet. I realized that it was coming from the boy standing in from of me.

He was PEEING...RIGHT THERE!... in front of his girlfriend...
and in the middle of a HUGE CROWD!


I have not been so frustrated, or bugged in a long time!

I wanted to say something... to DO SOMETHING!!!
...but what?!

Now my mind often works in a "worse case scenario" kind of way. I kept thinking, what if he peed on me... or of the fights that could break out from this. I looked around at the people who I was standing around... there were many of us in that crowd that together looked down at the stream that was running down the sidewalk and in between our feet, and back up to where it was being produced in total disgust.
"What the..."
"I never saw THAT in my life" (and this was coming from a homeless man)

I was still torn between my urge to punch the guy in the face, or "accidentally" nudging into him (hey we were in a big crowd of people... it happens all the time) or SOMETHING!

I just turned to Beth and said, "no! we are done..."

it took some maneuvering to get out of the crowd without wading though pee laden streams, but we managed to get out of the crowd and started walking away from the madness.

I was BUGGED! I haven't been so bugged in a long time. People can be SO irritating. But we were down there now... and I figured I might as well show Beth around a little bit cause she had not been to the Financial District yet.

What we ended up seeing was pretty cool:

This is the aftermath of the ticker-tape parade!

Here... I wikipedia-ed it for you... It is a parade event held in a built-up urban setting, allowing large amounts of shredded paper to be thrown from nearby office buildings onto the parade route, creating a celebratory effect by the snowstorm-like flurry. The concept originates from the United States and is most usually associated with that country, and especially New York City.

We then saw the Bull 

It turned into a really fun time! we saw the beautiful Hudson river and after we went back to work we continued to wander around town some more it I had to go to class... here are a few more pictures from the day:

 I LOVE this girl! and I am SO GRATEFUL to have her in NYC with me!!!