Tuesday, November 30, 2010


hApPy biRthDaY lOvE!

for your birthday present I got you an all expense paid trip to Mexico
Dec 1st til the 20th...have fun! and don't forget to bring me something back! ;)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Here I am….wasting time on the computer…

You know those moments when you are thinking, well I should go and put my laundry away that I did 3 days ago and clean my room and straighten up some things and pack cause I am leaving in 2 DAYS to go to ROCHESTER!!!!! (YES I AM VERY EXCITED!!!!!)

But instead you do the other “important things” like check your email and get on facebook and look through pictures and tag people.

Yeah…such is my life right now.

I was just looking through pictures of when I was in India….Um….Yeah….remember how I went
to India!?

Oh My Gosh!

I was totally in India this past summer! I don’t know if I adequately expressed to you what an amazing experience that was. (Or if that is even possible) Just today I got an email from one of my friends that I made while I was out there. HA! I have friends in INDIA! This is CRAZY!
So as I was going through these pictures it struck me how INCREDIBLY blessed I am! Just in the past few years! With how much I have traveled and the experiences that I have had, and the wonderful people that I meet.

And now here I am sitting in my New York City apartment, enjoying a quite Sunday afternoon.

I am BLESSED! And pretty blown away with the things that I have experienced and done!

I haven’t posted in a long time….uh….I have been busy! Excuses Excuses! …I will try to update more soon!


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Days like today

Its days like today that I want to be DONE
Yes I know…I said that I came out here to struggle
Yes I know that I am in a testing and proving time in my life, and I am having these challenges for a reason.
Yes I know that there is a reason and purpose to all things…
Yet… its days like today that I am ready to be done.
To go home
To be with my family
To see alex
To not have to worry about barley making enough money to pay the stupid rent and buy food,
To not worry anymore about all of the drama of roommates and apartments and getting cheated out of money and the crap that I have been going through
Its days like today I want to throw my hands up into the air and say ENOUGH!
It’s on days like to today I wonder why…
Why do I choose the hard way?
Why didn’t I take that other job?
Why am I here?
Why is this so hard?
Why can’t I have a break?!
It’s on days like today that I miss my girls
That I want to have a porch party, and be close to the ones I love and miss dearly
Its days like today that I am confused and frustrated
Its days like today that I don’t seem to be getting the answers, or at least not understanding the answers
Its days like today that I wonder if I am asking the right questions,
Its days like today that I don’t want to be making important decisions anymore!
It’s on days like today