Monday, September 27, 2010

I Have a Friend Named Alex and He Is. . . .

This is where I am supposed to start typing...

The title of this blog post was written for you by yours truly:
Alex Norr

Since he took it upon himself to write the title of this blog for me I figured that it would be fun for him to go ahead and write the rest of the post…
he disagreed with that “fun factor.”

I was thinking about just posting a bunch of fun pictures that I have of Alex…but it takes an incredibly LONG time to post pictures on my blog…I don’t know why – it just takes FOREVER to upload! So know that for every picture that you see up here it is a tedious process when it comes to adding images.

Then I thought of doing a slide show…
I may still do that…
…but once again – as I discovered with a blog post I recently tried to upload a short video and blogger would not have it….

but we have SO MANY awesome moments to share…and I have a lot of those moments captured in pictures and video! =)


This blog in all honesty has been a challenge of sorts to write!...It may or may not be because I am getting reoccurring pressure from a certain source (who it may or may not be dedicated to)…
but when presenting such a thing for the blogging world to see in honor of your best friend…that’s pressure. Plus there is the added fact of who it is for…
He’s a boy! This brings added pressure for various reasons…

I could and would love to write all sorts of sappy stuff about how much I love him and I am so grateful for him and his friendship and how much I love to talk to him and how he makes me laugh and I love being around him and how we have so much fun together.I could write about how we can talk for hours or just sit and say nothing
and it’s always a good time no matter what we are doing.
I could write about how much it meant for me to have him as my best friend this summer and how much it meant for me to be his “5th roommate”.
I could write about all of the good times in apartment 103…movie nights, dance parties, band of brothers, singing with the ukulele...
Writing some SWEET songs together!
All of the times we spent making dinners together, and those times we would just sitting around talking for hours.I could write about the most amazing week of the summer where we rocked the face off of efy together and made THE BEST co-counsellorship that efy has EVER seen! No joke! Seriously one of THE MOST AMAZING weeks of my life!
I could write about how much I have learned from him about being a good friend and about what an amazing teacher he is and how I loved teaching with him at efy and how much I look up to him and how spiritual he is and how much I admire him for his testimony and his faith and how he honors his priesthood. I could talk about what a great example he is for everyone around him.
I could write about how much he loves orange juice
and chocolate
and food in general
I could write about the time ran off to Vegas together and got married.I could write about a lot of deep and meaningful conversations about anything and everything in the world and how nice it is to have someone that I can share everything with.
I could write about how cute it is when he is playing with his little niece and nephew!
I could write about our story times that we would have.
I could write about
I could write about sharing skookies! Our favorite desserts! YUM!
I could write about what a hick he is! and how he loves country music and all of his farming and cowboy skillsI could write about how he is a professional skier and how much he loves the Bevis!
and his ski shop
and I could write about when he taught me how to ski and the hilarious time we had that weekend…

and how we laugh so hard we cry every time we watch those videos.
I could write about how much he loves his jeep!I could write about his great smile and his laugh
I could write about how photogenic he is
but for real though....I could write about friendship bracelets
I could write about how he doesn’t know how to put in a Kafeea (oh wait I already did)
I could write about...Um...never mind...
I could write about when sometimes he would surprise me
I could write about life decisions that we call each other to get advise about
I could write about shopping tripsI could write about how he got his amazing job
Oh of course I could write about his fancy pants iPhone
and Mac computer
I could write about how smart this kid is…for real…he is a very committed student, spends lots of hours locked away in the SWKT and library, he knows how to study and work hard!
I could write about his fancy pants
I could write about how good he looked in his dress blues! (His REAL Fancy pants)
I could write about how much he LOVES Wellsville! and going home!...EVERY WEEKEND! I could write about hanging out in the office
I could write about his hair cutting skills
I could write about his sleeping skills...seriously this boy can fall asleep anywhere!...its a talent
I could write about how much he loves to run
I could write about our little road trips up to Logan and Ogden
I could talk about all of the youtube videos that we love and quote endlessly
I could write about how popular and adored by many he is
I could write about a million little inside jokes that really confuse newcomers into our “club”
Or I could write about how he thinks he always wins...and he is always right...
and then there are the rare times that he would all of a sudden turn into a blue personality…haha…Really....The list goes on and on….
So I COULD write about those things…but I wouldn’t want to embarrass him...sooooooooooo...... I wont write about those things.

In all honesty I was fine til I started writing this blog post and now I really miss him! HA!

Instead I will just write this short poem that I just came up with:

I know it took forever
and its long overdue
but love you Ike
this blog post is for you!