Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 - Highlights and Happenings

This past year: WOW!... It has been a RIDE! many ups and downs... overall I think there have been more ups than downs! - I am VERY blessed! I didn't blog much... I have been BUSY!
so here is my:

Highlights and Happenings
Year in Review
(mostly in pictures)

In Utah...

Back to NYC...

I started working with the Childrens Theater Company

I was tutoring with Champion Learning Center

I was interning with Theater Mitu

read about ice skating in Central park here: NYC Movie Moments
Turned in my Application for Grad School to the MA in Applied Theater at CUNY


I would travel many hours every week to be a teaching artist with these beautiful children!

Surprise birthday party for Antonio

Good times with great friends

J came to visit!!!

Fireside by Elder Bednar


Beau came to visit

More work with the Childrens Theater Company and Performances...

Emily came to visit

Emily and I went to Washington DC together!
Holocaust Museum
we got to see the Sites

The main purpose of the trip to DC was so I could see my friend Sudi. He is in the Kerla Kalamandalam Kathakali Troup. We got to see his performance at the Kennedy center and it was GREAT!


Went home to Visit for Conference Week
I got to meet my new nephew Calvin!

I was able to see and visit people that I LOVE!

Andrea made cupcakes for emily's birthday

I held some Workshops that I used for the second part of my Application for Grad School

Miriam and Kristy got their twin iPhones!
(and all of a sudden documenting my life in photographs got easier and harder to organize all at once haha)

Returned to NYC

walks in the park with buddy

Partied with friends:

We made a peeps show at FHE.... ours was called: "Justin Peeper"

made up a fun new game to play
Many good lessons and dinners with the missionaries!

Sue and Adam had a layover in NYC so we went and had a picnic in central park! LOVE THEM!!!

Sister Valgardson and her beautiful daughter Kelsey came to visit! LOVE THEM!!!

my favorite Sisters!!! (Coleman, Me, Fui, Babb)
Met Aunt Marsha at the MET went to lunch and museum


Apartment hunting...Jen and I walked up and down many MANY flights of stairs in buildings all over HArlem...

THANKFULLY > Jen, Irasema and I found the apartment we wanted to live in...
yep! this is what it looked like when we signed our lease! haha
this is how Jen and I celebrated our lease signing...

I turned 26!

had a birthday gathering at my apartment

Latin dancing

My crown (in my mouth) broke in 1/2 and I had to get that fixed on the same day that I
Moved into my new Apartment


Adam Anto and I went to Gramaldis and got ice-cream at the Brooklyn Bridge

Adams photography show

CRAZY road trip to BOSTON for my best friends wedding - seriously one of the best times!

we were CRAMMED into that car!

Adam and Antonio - Wedding DAY!
Kadish Family Gathering and Memorial for my Grandma June in California

love my Pappy!
i love my grandparents house in Berkeley!

family time flying kites in California

I got to meet Antoio's Family

Packed up Adam and Antonio's apartment


Adam and Antonio moved away... I felt like 2/3rds of me drove was a sad and hard day!

the 4th - went and saw fireworks over the Hudson - lost of friends were there...even my cousin! Chandra!

I LOVE cooking in my new kitchen!!!

Got FREE tickets to see the Broadway revival of HAIR with my roommate!

Roomie time

Irasema moved away... =( I was SO SAD! I miss her!
We had a housewarming/ goodbye party for her in our nice new place:

This is my beautiful apartment!

Watched my friends Ben play in a Quidditch game and giggled a LOT!

Hawaiian part with the Deaf Branch

Roof top Parties

Kaimana and I in Central Park

Double date to see the Harvard Sailing Team = SO MUCH FUN!!!

My lovely roommate Katie Wixom got married!

My life was SAVED many times by my beautiful friend who let me work for her watching her 2 beautiful daughters


dinner with the missionaries = good times!


James came to visit Abby
fun with friends

Brett came to visit! I LOVE it when friends have business trips!!

Matthew made THE most AMAZING cinnamon rolls EVER

Busking in Central Park

Cassie came to visit!

my stinkin cute nephew!!
We got to see Matt!

LOVE randomly running into loved ones unexpectedly in such a big city! love ya Deb!

Outdoor movies!

House parties

Jeff and I went kayaking on the Hudson!

Miriam came to Visit!
We ROCKED New York City!
We went to see shows:
How to Succeed...we watched Harry Potter dance his Pants off! he was AMAZING!!! =)

Sister Act

We took a little road trip to Palmyra!
We got to see Katie!!!

Adam got back from India and was in town for the afternoon

I was Accepted to the City University of New York M.A. in Applied Theater
Started Grad school 5 days later

Hurricane Irene

Karen and I were prepared


Started working for Saint Peter's Lutheran Church
got my iPad for school...i LOVE it! it has SAVED me!

School is CRAZY busy!


Mom and Aunt Cindy came to Visit!

we got to meet my great-aunt Lea in NJ
General Conference

Midterms and Intro to Drama Conventions Presentations

Occupy Wall Street makes a ruckus outside of school as they march up from the Financial District to Times Square

I LOVE getting pictures of my nephew!
So proud of my roomie! who is now officially licensed as a nurse in NYC!


Goodbye dinner for FUI
La Excelencia At SOB's

I love Willy and Gwen!


I received a new calling as a teacher in the Spanish Ward Primary
Adam came back in town!!!!

Jen got a new friend

Cheered at the NYC Marathon

Face Time dates are my favorite!

Beau came to visit me!!!
We went to see Godspell
...which was AWESOME!

We had our Primary Program at Church

Directing and acting for Co-Intentioanl Director
Stick-wife: Acting
F-ing A: Director
The hard-drive on my computer crashed and I lost everything
that was bad!

Pictures in Central Park

Scary Alien Norr...
Calvin telling a story to Grandpa
Mom and Grandma Martin came into town!

Emily came in town! to feast with us and go to the...
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
it was AMAZING!!!!

We got up REALLY early in the morning to go and get awesome seats for the parade!
to see more photos of the parade- go look at my Facebook- there are LOTS!

I finished off my "family" of apple products by getting a Macbook Pro!
Emily and I went to the 9-11 memorial
Em and Jen decided it would be a good idea to cook our own lobster

What would I do without FaceTime?!
What would I do without fancy pants iPhones?! so I can see pictures and videos of my Calvin!?
Dad has a friend who was able to recover my files! YAY!!!

Finals - yay for school!

Finished my first semester of Grad School! I did WELL! =)

Kyle and Chase came to Visit

M.A. Christmas Party!
Kyle and I in Central Park
Irasema came to visit
Dessert Night!

Rockefeller Christmas Tree

Home for the Holidays
The family all met up at Temple Square we took some cute family pictures... but I don't think I have any of them.
Then we went to dinner at the Lion House

Look at how BEAUTIFUL my sister is!
Trevor joined us for dinner!
We walked around Temple Square a little bit to see the pretty lights
I got a text from Sue, she said she just got out of the temple. and LOW and BEHOLD! look who came walking around the corner and right into my arms!!!! MY TWINNER!!!!

my dad got us these really stylish glasses...

so we could look at the christmas lights with them! if you have never looked at Christmas lights through 3D glasses you MUST try it! its SO COOL!!!

We then went to see the Zoo Lights at the Hogle Zoo!
Look at CUTE little CALVIN!!!
Andrea's nose was I warmed it up for her...
I got to go and teach a couple of Miriam's classes at West Jordan High School and share with her some games and activities that I have been larding in Grad school! SO FUN!!
I had dinner with Sue and Miriam and then got to spend the night at Sue and Adams...and for Christmas mom got us all matching BYU PJ's!
Family Bowling was a lot of fun!
Calvin is SO entertaining!
Christmas Eve was spent at Jeremy and Mari's place we had pizza and then drove to see some lights and then watched a movie together as a family. and I played with my nephew!

Christmas Day - We had breakfast and the whole The Family went to Church together. Mom sang in the musical program. We came home and opened presents.
Game nights with family
Calivin is always so happy!
Christmas dinner...yum!
Mom, Dad, and Emily went for a (day after Christmas) bike ride!
I was able to get Miriam, Alex, Trevor and I together!!! it is a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!!!
I left early in the morning and drove up to Logan and we got to go and have Breakfast at the Norrs- one of my favorite things.

this is how Trevor prepares for skiing!
I went Skiing with Alex, Miriam, Trevor!!!
"Oook many drugs do we have to put in ya to make you come with us?!" -Alex

I got to see Branch (and meet her cute boyfriend)
Brandon got Married Ahhhhhh!!!!!!

lunch with Brett
Dinner with ALex and Trevor at CAFE RIO!!!
I LOVE this boy!!!

lunch with Alex and then helped Alex move to his new apartment
Dinner with Beth and Miriam
Chocolate dipping
Had a little photo shoot with Calvin. I made him this cute Charlie Brown outfit and got him a Snoopy and Woodstock for Christmas! SO CUTE!!!
I had breakfast with Beth and Spencer
Art with Andrea
I got to go and visit with my CUTE niece Mikah!
She is getting SO BIG!

Back to NYC
New Years Adventures... included my roommate Jen and I sneaking past 4 different barricades, multiple police officers, and into a building and onto the 10th floor with strangers. They welcomed us into their party that we had invited ourselves to.
view from the 10th floor
We then went up to the 33rd floor! We rang in the new year kiddy corner, parallel to the famous ball that drops at midnight!
THE most amazing view of TIMES SQUARE EVER!!
so there you have it! pretty amazing ending to a pretty amazing year! Thank you to all of have been part of my life and helped to make 2011 so wonderful!

Here is to am AMAZING 2012!