Thursday, May 26, 2011

I NEED a JoB!!!!!!

....SO BAD!!!!!

............I hope you are praying for me!!!!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

I realized something today…

efy starts tomorrow….

I know that I need to move on with my life… I know that I am supposed to be in NYC this summer

…don’t know specifically why….ha….

But even still… a little piece of my heart is breaking right at this very moment!
efy is something that I LOVE !!! it is hard to explain…but I LOVE it! For so many reasons!
Although as I think about it…Honestly I don’t think that last summer could be beat as far as efy goes…

because of this one week...

This happened…
And these participants happened…

And it was a week of PURE JOY that I will always remember and wish I could re-live over and over again!!!

Someday I will get to watch the video of my life in heaven and that chapter will be replayed many times!

Anyway… as I thought and prayed about it I realized that efy would be my cop-out this summer in a way…I wouldn’t be progressing…I would just be doing what is comfortable.

And so…


I am NOT comfortable!...happy….but not comfortable!

So here I am in NYC…

Continuing to re-write and re-write and re-write my cover letter, and send it in along with my resume to many many different people, and companies, and job postings.

And I continue to wait

Wait on many things…

…to find out if I will get into Grad School

…to hear back about jobs

…to move into my new apartment

I think that one of the worst feelings may be the feeling of “STUCK

"The fact is," said Rabbit, "you're stuck."

I don’t like the state of being “stuck”

And not being able to get unstuck…no matter what I do and how hard I try

…Stuck is my current state in many ways and I am hoping to wriggle my way out of stuck REALLY soon!!!

I am grateful for my wonderful friends and family who are "pulling for me"...actually I think that its more appropriately worded "praying for me"!! it is greatly appreciated!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This may be slightly creepy...

Do you have someone that you want to be? Not in the sense that you really wish that you were them and not yourself, but maybe that you…um…..Envy..…no….Idolize…..erm……
look…up... to….them?

Okay really I don’t know what to call it.

Whatever it is – I DO! I totally feel this way about someone! Yesterday (this may sound creepy) I sat for a good while on my computer and looked through this persons facebook pictures.

I sat and looked through his pictures as I pondered upon how I can be more like him and do what he does…

This is a person that I really admire for a number of different reasons…

he pretty much does everything that I want to do!

-He is an awesome teacher! I LOVED taking classes from him and I was REALLY sad when I came home from my mission and found out that he had switched to teaching at UVU instead of BYU.
In my old apartment we used to talk about our “professor crushes”…it’s the professors that you have a “crush” on….not because you are physically attracted to them….but mostly because you find them intellectually attractive. I think that this person would definitely be one of mine!

-He is a brilliant director… brilliant I tell you!!! I don’t know how he comes up with what he does! But I LOVE it!!! And I am INSPIRED by his work!!! I want to work with him! And learn from him! Gah! I have loved attending his workshops in the past and have learned some awesome things! PLUS he introduced me to Viewpoints AND other really cool things which I LOVE!!!

-He is an AWESOME actor…I love going to ANYTHING that he is in! I am never disappointed with his performances!

-He has a beautiful wife and family…I someday want a beautiful husband (ha that sounds a little weird) and I want a family! I love hearing his stories about his kids!

-He travels…and gets paid to travel…and he studied in England which would be my DREAM!!! And he gets to take his students on Study Abroad programs and do workshops in foreign countries and I think that’s AMAZING!!

… how do I get to where he is now?!

That’s the question I ask myself…I know that we all have different paths and I can’t take the exact same path as another person…but then again I think it is good to have these role models that we can “look up to”…and think…hey! They did it! So I can too!...right?!....I think so!

This person probably doesn’t even know how much I have a high regard for them!
Anyway…Thanks Christopher Clark for your example and advice and friendship! I like you! =)

yes...I stole this picture from his facebook...I told you this post may be slightly creepy...ha!
oh well.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Things that I love about Latin culture….

#1- Language

I really DO love Spanish!

Do I know how to speak it…Sadly No…but I am learning…
little by little…I can count to 10...I have a few key words and phrases that I have known for years...and now I can tell you parts of the body (Antonio has been teaching me…haha…I don’t know why we started with parts of the body…but he is the one from Spain so I am going along) And years ago I learned the first few lines of a Christina Aguilera song at girls camp from the 2 Mexican girls that would come with us…they LOVED teaching me random little things to say in Spanish and they always wanted me to sing the song they taught me! Ha! I still remember it now!

#2- Kissing

When you meet someone you give them a kiss on the cheek…when you say hello you kiss on the cheek…when you say goodbye you give them a kiss on the cheek…when you are happy you give a kiss on the cheek….when you say thank-you you give a kiss on the cheek…

Maybe I just like kissing…HA!

#3- Dancing!!!

I LOVE that dancing is embedded into Latin culture…EVERYONE dances! The old men and women…the children…the moms holding their babies…even the teenagers who you would expect to have the “no-way…I-don’t-want-to-look-dumb-in-front-of-people-so-I-am-NOT-going-to-do-THAT” kind of mentality…but NOPE!!! They dance too!!! And I LOVE it!

...Salsa, Bachata, Merengue…I LOVE it!

I LOVE the loud and fun music that just makes you want to move! And I love how it brings people together and smiles and laughter. I LOVE that people come together and MOVE with each other.
Saturday there was a party up at the Spanish ward in Inwood. My good friend who goes to that ward invited me to go.

Do I know Spanish….No! We have already established that…lol…I wish I did…but I had a blast anyway! Nothing too was at the chapel and it was just fun! Love the people up there!
We ate, we danced, we laughed and had a great time!