Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I have been making my best friend his Christmas gift…and I am pretty darn excited about it!
I am more of a sentimental feely kind of person…which he is not…HA! But I still think that he will like it. I may totally give away what the gift is by saying this…and I don’t want to say what it is cause I don’t want to ruin Christmas…but I have been looking through a lot of videos and pictures of this past year recently.

And I realized….

DANG!!! I am Incredibly blessed!

Lets go over highlights and happenings of this past year:


-Last Semester At BYU
-Went Skiing for the First time EVER!

-Started Student Teaching At Lone Peak High School
-Lived in Provo with THE MOST AMAZING 5 girls
(its a Cuddle Puddle!)
-Showing of Our Town at Lone Peak High School which I co-directed with Travis Renyolds
-Took a little road trip with some roommates and my sister to St George to get out of cold Provo and enjoy some good company and sun!

-Got to go out to dinner with 2 of my best friends Dan and Sue for Dans b-day!
-My sister Emily gave birth to my first niece! Mikah Emily! She is now with the Johnson family...she is a BEAUTIFUL baby! Loved by MANY!
-Stayed VERY busy with Student teaching and Directing at Lone Peak High School
-My students took Straight Superiors at Region and State One Act Competitions with the one act I directed, “Second Class” – It was AWESOME!!!!
-Festival of Colors!!! With Miriam and Emily! I FINALLY got to go this year! I ALWAYS miss it for one reason or another…it was fun to finally get to be there! =)

-Conference and Conference Crepes!
-SPRING BREAK!!!! That’s RIGHT!!! Being a BYU student I have not had spring break in YEARS!!! BUT this semester I was student teaching! And if the High School is out! So was I! HAzAa!!!!
-LOTS of Peter Pan rehearsals! And Showing of Peter Pan the Musical which I co-directed with Jim Smith.

yes! I had all of my pirates wear converse shoes! HA! it was AWESOME!!!
-I have great family and friends who support me!
such as show here in the picture: Kim, Emily, Me, Sue, Adam and Emily

-Officially Finished Student Teaching – with Flying colors!
All 6 of us graduated Together!

-My roommates and I all moved out of our home in Provo to start going our separate ways (one of the saddest days of my life!)

-Spent a LOT of time with Alex and Brandon
-Band of Brothers!
-Worked out a lot! (strength training, step aerobics, dance, yoga, discovered Zumba!...I LOVE ZUMBA!!etc)
-Peter Pan Cast Party
-Played “mom” for a week – watched my cousins 2 little ones.
-Looked for a job/something to do in the fall…yeah that consumed a lot of my time…filled out a lot of applications and spent HOURS on my resume!
-Had an EPIC dance party! in apt 301!!! Dancers: Scotty, Alex & Kristy!!!
(there is a past blog about this- if you haven't seen it yet...Repent now! its a MUST! you wont regret it! )

-went wedding dress shopping with my Best Friend and TWINNER
we didn't pick this dress- so we sadly didn't get the awesome hair tie... =(

-Trevor's birthday dinner! alex and I wrote Trev a song on my ukulele on the way there! ha!
(Teshena, me, Trev, Alex)
-National birth mothers day!...Cosmo even came to the celebrations!
(Emily, Mikah, Cosmo)
-Joe's Cafe with Johnny-boy
-It snowed like CRAZY!!!...YES remember how its MAY!
(me and bethkins!)


-My Grandma Goodwin Passed away.
I am so grateful for my knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ and for the Plan of Salvation!

-This month consisted of efy: (each week has its own blog if you look at past posts)

BYU#2 – w/ David and Mandi “Forgive Judge Not”
St. George – w/ Alex “The Chosen” (possibly the best week of my life!)
Logan #1- w/Warren “Eternal Endurance”SLC #1- w/Ed “ To the End”
SLC #2- w/Kat and Jared “Astonishing Influence”

What a special and amazing month! Dedicated to teaching the amazing youth of the church. Being an efy counselor has been a great opportunity in my life and I will be forever changed and better because of the many friendships and experiences I have had because of efy!

-Sweet SWEET reunion with Miriam after her study abroad to London
(group hug: Kristy, Trevor, Alex, Miriam)
-Road trips and amazingly Fun weekends spent in Wellsville!
(Trevor, Kristy, Brandon, Miriam, Alex)

-I discovered this awesome book! love LoVe!!!

-Alex went to ROTC AirForce training…6 weeks without my best friend…MEH!

-More Fun times with good friends!
(scotty, miriam, brandon, kristy)

-Sue's bridal shower barbecue!

-Little Neeley's shark bridal shower
complete with shark bride cake!!!

-Went to NYC for the first time – spent a week to check it out and interview at a few places.
-Saw my first Broadway show ON BROADWAY! -Went to INDIA with the Theatre Mitu company!

(this experience also has individual blog posts and it was an INCREDIBLE time!)

-My best friend in the entire world and Twin was married (while I was in India)! I cried when a “roommate picture” from the wedding was posted and I was tagged as being there even though I was not. Wish I could have been there for this VERY SPECIAL occasion. Even still…I LOVE YOU ADAM AND SUE!

-Megan and Todd were married (I was still in India) but I am so happy for them! And I love them to pieces!
-Came home from India
-I was offered an internship with a Theater Company in NYC
-My cousin Brian got married!
-helped DJ a pretty sweet dance for the youth @ BYU education week with the crazies...
Crazies = Jason, Ashley, Kristy, Alex
-I got to hang out with some good friends
-we had a bonfire shindig with friends
-I got to see DAN!!!!
-I Moved to NYC
(um….might I mention its CRAZY how fast my life changes!)


-Frantically searched for jobs in NYC
-Turned in lots of applications
-Had lots of Interviews
-Started Working at “Children’s Learning Center” as the After School’s Teacher for the 2-5 year olds.-Went to see the September 11th memorial with Matthew

-Was offered an Internship with the Theater Mitu Company!!!
-YSA regional Conference
YSA walking tour group!
Abby Willy, Gwen, Kristy, Cedrick @ the dance!

-Fun times discovering NYC
-FHE- yeah…I know strange thing to put as a highlight…but I have become very involved! I go to FHE every week faithfully! And we have some fun activities!
ie: Gwen (love her!) and Willy did salsa dancing lessons! So FUN!
-Ward boundaries were changed for the Singles wards. I went from being in the Inwood ward (about 50 people) to the newly formed Harlem 3rd Ward (200 people!)

-General Conference!
-Salsa dancing with Willy’s band! (put those salsa dance lessons to use!) it was AWESOME! Willys band is GREAT!!!
-Became best friends with my neighbors Adam and Antonio!!!

NYC would be a very lonely place without 3 things:
1-the church
I LOVE THEM ALL!!! And I am SO SO VERY GRATEFUL for their Friendship!!!!

-Yoga with Antonio (yes as Miriam put it: I am a “New York Hippie!” hehehe)

-Yay for Farmers Markets!

came to see in in NYC!-Ben and Michael came to Visit me too!!! and I got to do some AWESOME things with them:
-Saw WIckEd!!! (they won the lottery! and got us Front Row tickets!)
-Statue of liberty
- Ellis Island this was REALLY COOL to me! cause I have family that came to the US and had to go through Ellis Island...( this is a little story that I loved that I saw there and Loved!)

We also saw...
this was a GREAT show!

-We had birthday festivities for Val
with a fake skookie (it just didn't turn out how it usually does...thats why I called it fake...but it was still good)
-Some nights we wander around with not much to do...except for hang upside down on the subway-I ran a 5k
sponsored by the Manhattan 8th Ward and the Harlem 3rd Ward...I did it in 30 minutes! =)

-Adam came in town for a Med school Interview so I got to see him very briefly! love LOVE!

-I got to see my BFF Ashley Jentzch Robertshaw!!! and Her hubby Aaron! =) BEST DAY EVER!!! I miss them so much!!!
Last time I saw them was on their wedding day…and now cute Ash is Pregnant! Yay! I will be an auntie!
-Butoh workshop with my Thai teacher (from India) Tdam! It was awesome to see him again and be able to participate in this workshop!
- Antonio and I LOVE to COOK together~
he teaches me cool Spanish recipies
...making Bread together....and We even made pumpkin pie from Scratch! thats right friends! we bought a pie at the Farmers market and cooked it!...Anto had never had pumpkin pie before.
This is Adam's dog Buddy...we love him! we go on lots of walks together!
(modeling the subway stop that we live right off of)

-Had a nice little dinner party with some Mitu friends
(Candida, Steven, ME, Dtam)

WARNING: if you are at a dinner party on Halloween night and your other group of friends doesn't remember where you told them you may be...they MAY freak out and call you a million times and send you a zillion text messages wondering where you are. (haha)

-My roommates and I moved into our new apartment!
(Roomies: Erin, Val, Ingrid)
-I Went to an Open House at CUNY to look at their MA program in Applied Theater for my graduate studies. I was really impressed…I like the look and feel of this program a LOT! I want to apply!
-I went and watched part of the NYC marathon....and I was INSPIRED!
-Beautiful Central Park !
i LOVE central Park! I go running there often! usual run is from my apartment, around the road up and around the reservoir and back- its about 4 miles.
Twice I have run the whole road that leads all the way through Central Park and it is
6.2 miles
! I am pretty darn proud of myself! I used to HATE running!

-Started working for Champion Learning Center as a tutor.
I tutor students who go to title 1 schools. (lower income/poverty level/failing schools) and I go into their homes and tutor them 1on1 in English and Math. It’s a good job, frustrating at times, but I LOVE these kids!

-Got a job working for clothing designer Robert Comstock. I clean his office/showroom once a week. Such a BLESSING to have this job!

With these 2 new jobs I turned in my 2 weeks notice at the preschool. I will miss those little ones that I worked with. I REALLY LOVE them! It was sad to go and say goodbye…but 3 jobs plus my internship was a bit too much to handle at once.
this is me reading to some of the kiddlets on one of my last of my FAVORITE stories:
-I discovered that I love little Mexican Wedding Cookies!
here is the recipe...we made them with my YUMMY! mix these ingredients together, role them into balls, bake them, then role them in Powered sugar, and serve. I LOVE eating them while they are still warm!!!

-Hangin with my besties! (we went to Rice to Riches)
Kristy, Anto, Adam, Gwen, Willy!!!

-Adam invited me and I got to sing in a special choir for a friends concert that he did to prepare his application for his PHD program. John composed all of the music that we sang and it was a BEAUTIFUL concert!
This is Adam, Me, the very talented John, and Val after our concert.

-I took a week off for THANKSGIVING and went back to my mission!!!(I also wrote a blog post about this week) It was AWESOME to be back in the NYRM and see old friends and spend time with those people out there that I LOVE!!!!
like KAtie WiXom!!!

-Antonio left to go back to Spain for a month and 1/2 …so long!...I miss him!


-Had Adam and the Sister Missionaries over for dinner! Strange to be on the other side of this…but I LOVE it! I LOVE these Sisters!-Stake Christmas Concert
-NYC Christmas lights and the famous CHRISTMAS TREE at the Rockafeller Center!
-Christmas Caroling with the missionaries…and then home made hot chocolate goodness at my apartment! (this is the most people that I have had over at my place! –good times!)


-I have been to the Dentist a LOT since I have been home!- grateful to get the work done!
-Went to Idaho for a weekend for (mom’s side) Family Christmas Party!
(this is on the way up there...we stopped for a little break to play in the snow)
-Seeing LOTS of Friends!!! YAY friends
for example:(John and Erwin!)
-Spending time with my twinner Sue and her Adam.-Spending time relaxing and hanging with my family!!!

-Parker got his mission call!
Houston, Texas East misson!
-Went SkIinG with Mom, Dad, Emily, Glen and Jordan!!!! (skiing was one of the first things that I did this year, and now it one of the last! Haha....I have improved a LOT since the first time I went!)
We had a GREAT TIME!!!

What an INCREDIBLE year! I am so Thankful for the wonderful family and friends and many opportunities and experiences that Heavenly Father has blessed me with! I am TRULY blessed! I am excited to see what the Lord has in Store for me in this upcoming year! I’m SURE it’s gonna be good!