Thursday, March 17, 2016


After a VERY long 2 days of travel 

First things first.. to Find my hostel 

The trains here in Sydney are double decker:

pretty cool eh?!

So Jen and I went out and wandered around a bit... 

I am not going to do day by day...
 but I want to share photos and stories etc of my time here in Sydney! 
So this post will cover our first week here in OZ!

This was taken in the botanical gardens - which are pretty Amazing!

And of course the Opera House! 

Food is expensive here.. luckily one of my friends told us about this asain market where we can find good produce for much cheaper prices! thank goodness! we won't starve! 

The money here is very colorful and really cool! it feels more like thin plastic than paper 

We also found this really cool elevated walkway- that is a LOT like the HighLine in NYC!
and it has the crazy cool building: 

Harbor at sunset: 

Every Saturday at Darling Harbor they have a fireworks show! 

Sunday We went to church 

Sunday Selfie!!! 

In the evening we went to the Stake Center in Greenwich for a broadcast: 

It was such a cool old building! 

These are some photos that I took when I went out for a run the other day:

Centennial Park is beautiful 

The flowers on the trees are so bright and colorful! 

and I love palm trees! 

The other day we went to the Museum of Contemporary Art:

And this is what happens when I try to get Jen to take a normal selfie with me:

the struggle is REAL!

I was told that the Sydney Opera House was designed to look like the clouds 


This really happened... it is not posed 
(ok! I mean it happened and my camera wasn't ready - so I made her do it again)

We found the public library 
(which is big and beautiful!) 

Jen ran towards it with arms outstretched and said 

We also went to the Art Gallery of New South Wales:
There was a LOT of variety of the kind of art that was in this museum. 

this one is Snowflake (Snow-White) and the 7 dwarfs 

this is the station we live the closest to. 

Its been rain gin quite a bit over the past few days The other night I woke up a few times to the sound of the storm and REALLY heavy rainfall. 
PLUS the rain decided to entrant our room by way of the lightbulb. Yeah... probably not a good thing that we had a small waterfall from where the electricity is also coming into our room. 

it was raining again in the morning... but it cleared up! So we went here: 

Bondi Beach: 


There is a walk that goes along the coast from Bondi Beach to Coogee beach 
that is HIGHLY recommended! 
We got really distracted and ended up playing on the rocks for quite some time...

of course I had to get in some yoga pics 
This one was hard... cause it was REALLY REALLY windy! haha

We only did about 1/3rd of the walk... so we will save the rest for another day. 

We needed to get going home... cause there was a storm rolling in. We ended up waiting for a bus for over an hour (that NEVER came) so then we walked to the train station in the rain. 

There are SO many different variety of hibiscus flowers here. 
Red, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Blue, Pink.... they are all SO beautiful! 

We went to the Powerhouse Museum 

This Museum is really big! and has all kind of things in it... transportation from early motorcycles and cars and trains to modern...

Space stuff...

my favorite part about the space exhibit was this tube that you walked in and it made you feel like you were in outer space because the room rotated around you. But it gave you this really REALLY strange sense of vertigo that you were the one that was moving and not the walls! 

There was an exhibit about wartime... and I just really loved this photograph: 

Oh! this was really cool... 
there was an explanation about how they designed that crazy building that we had seen: 
Even the builders looked at the design and said "thats not possible" you can't build that with bricks! 
It looks like a crumpled up paper bag. 
Which it really does! haha but they did it! 
and it is really cool! 

Oh and there was also this really cool kayak! 
it is foldable is very light  

This was one of my favorite parts: 

She is one of the top fashion designers in Australia a
and there was a really amazing exhibit of her work!

and even a station you could design your own clothes:  

Wandering around the city: 

I think its fun to wander! Especially on days where the weather is nice!
I have found that it is one of the best ways to discover new things 
I usually give myself a general direction or destination. 

Mine for the other day was to get to a certain spot by sunset... and I just took my time wandering through different streets on my way there.

I found this cute little used bookstore: 

The dog is Gus.
He belongs to the bookshop! 
At one point the woman working there interrupted her conversation with a customer and went out and called Gus back, cause he was wandering off a bit outside. He made his way back in and then clumsily planted himself precariously on the little ledge where you see him in the photo above. 

Also I kind of love this blind date with a book concept! 

I found the Artist painting on the street: 

of course I loved his mermaids! 
I had a nice little chat with him and he suggested some other places that I can hopefully find more street art and local studios. 
When I travel I love finding local artists! 

I waled up to the opera house again so that I could see it lit up at night: 

Im having a beautiful time! 
1 week down 3 more to go...

Its going to go so FAST I know it!