Monday, March 7, 2016


When I was in Spain 2 years ago I lived in Granada. 2 of my very best friends live there!
Adam and Antonio!
Oh how I love them!

They introduced me to Sara and Antonio and they are now like family to me!
And now they have the most beautiful 1 year old that I LOVE so MUCH! 

They are all busy and have school and work and family. But I couldn’t come to Spain and be THIS close and not see them! So I planned a weekend trip to Granada.

I have seen Granada – It’s a BEAUTIFUL place! Go check out my past Spain posts and you can read and see all about it!
This time, this trip was about seeing my friends! 

I got a ride from BlaBla Car. Which is a ride sharing website- it cost less than the bus and is much faster. So it I left on Saturday morning and was able to spend some time with my good friends!

taking the doggies for a walk 

it was so cold and snowing in Granada - but I still loved being there!

we went to the science museum... this is the heart of a whale! 
so cool!

I am blessed to have some absolutely incredible people in my life!
These are a few of my favorites!

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