Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A Spanish "Walk"

Jose texted me and asked if I would like to go for a walk
I was expecting around a neighborhood on the sidewalk. At least that is what I think of when I hear "go for a walk" 

he brought me here: 

 I don't know if there is a word in Spanish for hiking? 
But this was not a walk. 
but I was really happy about it! 
Look at how beautiful!!!

The rocks were so cool! 
There was this old house that was carved into the side of the mountain: 

We joked around about how it is the only house around for miles and miles 
but there is still a number above the door! LOL


On our drive there Jose explained to me that it was like a "mini grand canyon" 
Emphasis on the word Mini! 
but its true: 

this part was a short but steep little climb:
(photo taken from above)

This is a man made cave that we climbed up into. 
the tunnel was small and we had to duck down to walk through.
It was also very dark and we had to use my phone's flashlight to see where we were going. 

This was an opening to the tunnel:

The there was a bridge that went above the canyon 
that we were walking through that led to another tunnel

Jose had been going through the tunnels first and I was following him. I said that I could go first this time. We went into the tunnel and after we walked in a bit I realized that the ground was starting to get soft. I took another step and then started to reconsider. I took one more step and my foot went straight into red clay mud. I stopped... 

I decided we would have to go back out and as I went to step back my foot slipped right out of my shoe which was stuck in the mud in the ground. 

I am laughing hysterically this whole time! 
I wriggle my foot back into my shoe and un-lodge it from the mud and back out of the cave/tunnel. 

And here is Jose laughing at my shoes! 

Yep! my brand new pretty silver and cream sparkly shoes are a little less sparkly now

The tunnel that tried to eat my shoe

I don't think that I have laughed so hard in a long time! 

We had such a good time on our "walk" 
in the mountains 

This is an almond tree! 
So cool I have never seen one before today! 
They are really pretty! 

The views on our drive were so pretty! 

This little town was so cool! it was built up on a hill 

and at the tip of the hill/mountain that the city is on there is this castle: 

the castle overlooks this valley and the surrounding mountains

We saw this Christ Statue up on a hill and decided to drive up to it! 
On the way up the mountain there were statues that were telling the story of the life of Jesus Christ,
him carrying the cross up the hill. One of him hanging on the cross and then this statue was at the top:

What I really loved about this is the emphasis on the resurrected Christ! Yes there was a statue of him on the cross on the way up the mountain- Which is such an important event to know and recognize and be very thankful for. And then the most important is the statue of him as a resurrected being at the top of the mountain. It was a beautiful testimony to me! 

We then went and saw this really pretty monastery: 

When we got back to Murcia we visited this old water wheel. 

SO many cool things to see and do!
 I am glad that I have amazing local friends who are kind enough to show me around! 

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