Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Jose took me to Cartagena. 
It is a BEAUTIFUL city that is about 45 minutes south of Murica. 
It is right along the coast 

We stopped and got lunch... look at how yummy our desserts were: 

I LOVE shipyards! I think that there is something really romantic about them! 
especially at night time
I love seeing all of the boats and the sounds of the ocean and boats on the water. 
It is very peaceful and pretty! 

The buildings are so beautiful! 
 Look at that sky! It was such a perfect day! 

In Cartagena there is an old roman theatre, and museum about it. 
I LOVE it! 

The Romans built this large theatre. Over time there was a whole city that was built on top of it. 
So the theatre has been uncovered and it is a pretty incredible sight! 

This is a photo of actual objects that were found in the excavation of the Roman Theatre! 
Our favorite thing was the little itty bitty die. See it!? 
So cool!   

Look at this! It is amazing! 

 the "backstage" area - this would be off Stage Left: 

 from the stage looking into the audience:

you can see in this photo how the columns of the theatre were torn down and put on their sides and used to build other things - like houses etc, for the city that was built on top of it. 

After the Roman Theatre we walked around town... again the buildings here are amazing! 

This is the entrance to a military base: 

We went into a couple museums as well! 

This one was about the submarines in Spain:

 Military Museum 

I loved the old scuba-diving gear!

In a lot of places in Spain you will be walking along and then all of a sudden the ground that you are walking on is glass- because they are showing you the old Roman remains that are there. 
This is an example:

See! look at this! 
See what I am talking about! Ship yards are So romantic! 

I absolutely loved Cartagena! 

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