Monday, March 7, 2016


When I was hanging out with Sam he suggested that I go see Segovia. I kind of dismissed the idea until I was looking at things to do in Madrid and a trip to Segovia was suggested on trip advisor and I realized that it was only an hour bus ride to get there. 
So I figured WHY NOT?!? 
I figured out the bus and I took myself to Segovia! 

On the bus ride there we went into this LONG tunnel! When we finally came out I was VERY surprised to find that we had been transported to Narnia!

I took these pictures out of the bus window. 
Madrid is much colder than Murica, but I was not expecting this! 

I started to hope that there wasn't this much show in Segovia. 

I am VERY happy to report that there was NOT! 

From the moment I stepped off the bus and started to walk around I knew that this day trip was an excellent decision! 

I made my way over to the Aqueduct

I borrowed some of this information from the internet so you can understand a little bit more about how cool this is: 

Segovia’s aqueduct, with its 167 arches fashioned from the granite stone of the Guadarrama Mountains, is one of the most superb works that the Romans left scattered through their empire, a vast territory that went from the Island of Britannia to the confines of Asia Minor.

The structure of the aqueduct constitutes single blocks without any kind of mortar to bind the stones. In order to do this an ingenious equilibrium of forces were used that seem to challenge the immutable principles of gravity.

Isn't that Crazy! 

I love the legend behind the aqueduct too: 

Perhaps the least known story surrounding this magnum opus of the 1st or 2nd century is the legend of the serving girl who used to climb, every day, to the very top of the mountain and return with her pitcher full of water. One day, fed up of this daily toil, she made a wish to the Devil, whom she asked to build some means by which she would no longer need to go up and down every morning with her pitcher. One night Lucifer granted her wish, asking for her soul in return if he managed to finish the aqueduct before the cockerel crowed.

The girl agreed and the Devil began to build the aqueduct but the girl regretted her decision. Just as he was about to lay the last stone, the cockerel crowed, meaning the Devil lost his wager and the girl kept her soul. 
In the gap that remained, the statue of the Virgin of Fuencisla, patroness of the city, stands today.

You can see the statue in this photo: 

This city is SO BEAUTIFUL! 
I love all of the stone buildings!

the little ally ways,

The churches,

and the plazas! 

The Cathedral! 

The cathedral even has a cloister: 

I saw that the Cathedral offered a tour of the tower. I had an hour and 1/2 before the next/last tour of the day. So I decided to come back for that. 
I wanted to see the Castle! 

Yes! thats right! I said Castle! 

I got to go inside as well! 

of course a castle wouldn't be complete without Knights in Shining Armor!

There was a dungeon of course  

Im not going to lie- I am a little sad that a large portion of the castle had scaffolding and green netting all over the front of it. BUT it was still cool to see! 

I went back over to the Cathedral to take the tower tour 

SERIOUSLY the BEST 5 Euro I have ever spent!

I don't know if you can zoom in and read this 
but it has some cool information about the Cathedral tower: 

This tower is the pride of Segovia. It is the biggest and tallest cathedral tower in Spain! 

so SO many spiral stairs! 

Views from the top 

I LOVED the Cathedral Tower! 
Its hard to describe the beautiful city that I could see from up there and the photos barley do it justice!

I saw these prints in the gift shop at the castle and thought that they were so beautiful! 

I absolutely loved Segovia! 

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